About BYM

Bakshi Yudis Maui sprouted in 2010 from a surfboard.  Victoria Bakshi Yudis, created a textile design from one of her canvases to be recreated on silk .  That silk was glassed on to a newly shaped surfboard for her son.  From there - more surfboards were made, more designs were created for special requests and custom work.  When working with silk, and cotton, and linen - one can not help but to create clothing.  Beautiful tunics have been made, gowns have been created, zippered pouches have been carried, and on and on.   

Each year, new designs are created from  Bakshi Yudis drawings and paintings to complete a collection which will be available for that year only- and then retired.  

A complete world of BYM has come alive, inspired fully and completely by every corner of Maui, Hawaii.  We like to think a tiny bit of the mana of this Island Paradise can be shared through the power of art and is carried through by not only the wearer or owner of the art but by those who set eyes upon it.  The magic of Aloha inspires us all, let it inspire you too.  In peace, life, health and happiness - we send you love and blessings from our Ohana to yours. We hope you can enjoy the world of BYM as much as we do!